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Geometry Wars Clone

This page contains videos and screenshots of my Geometry Wars Clone developed using the XNA framework. I created myself all the content and code used for this game except where explicitly declared. The following videos/images have been posted in reverse chronological order to show the current state of the game and some "history" of the development.

Big News!

I opened a sourceforge project for the GW Clone. The project is called GeomClone and it's been released under the LGPL license. The link to the project (source code and executable are available) is the following

In order to play the game, you have to make sure to have the proper libraries installed. Those are the following:

- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
- Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1

After some months while I couldn't spend time on this, I finally found time for some improvements:
- added a moving camera;
- changed the glowing effect;
- fixed a couple of bugs;
Enjoy the video:

And here's a screenshot just to show the new glowing effect:

This is the game with the new HLSL glowing effect shader:

here's a detail:

and the game in action:

still working on the proper wall avoidance.

I took this video after having some work done on the game engine and graphics. The bullets are bigger, I am using alpha channel for semi-transparent textures, I added a fading effect on the dead enemies and there's a new kind of enemy. Currently working on the spawning of enemies. As you can see, the "God mode" is activated.

This is my first attempt to make a complex game, after the usual Pong or Breakout. The game is still in an early stage of development and most of the features I want to add are missing (shaders, particle effects, sound, enemies varieties, etc.), but I'm still working on it. Here's an early video of the gameplay (the movements and shooting directions look weird because I was playing using the keyboard):